Christopher Smith

Hi, I'm a designer who has deep knowledge of computer programming and a fine art background. I'm best at turning ideas into creative solutions and seeing them through.

I'm currently doing Product Design at TrueCoach by Xplor, the worlds largest personal trainer platform.

I Co-founded Adjust Creative, a small user experience agency in Chicago and TeamHop, a tour management SaaS product for Major League Baseball.

I have worked closely with some amazing innovators in the music industry at URM Academy. I helped two of the best drummers in the world put together RS Drums. I make and produce music myself at Blume Studios.

I've worked on a lot of cool projects over the last two decades with some talented people.

Let's build something great together.

Adjust Creative

I was the creative lead for every major project that went through Adjust Creative's doors. I've also been the lead programmer for the a lot of projects too, especially in the concept development phases. Having been a creative and a tech person for so long—I wear a lot of hats when necessary.

  • Creative & UX Direction
  • Art Direction
  • Marketing Direction
  • Lead Programming (Back-end/Front-end/Mobile)
More about Adjust Creative


TeamHop was started when my business partner came to me and asked if we could transition Major League Baseball teams, starting with the Baltimore Orioles, from paper to digital for travel management. We hit the ground running in 2016 and have grown with a couple new teams each year.

  • Creative & UX Direction
  • Lead programming (Back-end/Front-end/Mobile)

URM Academy

URM Academy is the largest education platform for rock and metal producers in the world. I’ve been working with URM as a UX and tech consultant since it's inception, and much closer over the last couple years to guide the digital ecosystem of their company.

  • UX Direction
  • Lead programming (Back-end/Front-end)
More about URM Academy

RS Drums

Being a musician and guitarist, I use a lot of drum programming software to get my ideas out and to produce music. Because of that mindset, I helped RS Drums put out one of the best drum libraries available for home studio musicians.

  • Creative & UX Direction
  • Marketing Direction
  • Programming
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Over the years I've helped produce award winning work for clients like Disney, Porsche, Fox, Activision, Sony, Allstate, USAA, Warner Bros, and more. A lot of that work is dated now, but still worth mentioning

  • Creative & UX Direction
  • Art Direction
  • Marketing Direction
  • Lead Programming (Back-end/Front-end/Mobile)
Into the Archive

Generative Art

Back in the day, I worked with Flash and it's programming languages a lot. But sadly, it doesn’t exist anymore on the web in the way it used to. While going through things to revamp my portfolio, I came across some long lost visual and programming relics. So, I've decided to port them from their ancient language ActionScript to something that browsers can still render, Javascript, so that they may live on.

I will update this section as I get time over the next few weeks. 🤞

  • Creative Programming